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The shuttering block for civil and underground engineering

The shuttering block for civil and underground engineering

The shuttering block for civil and underground engineeringThe shuttering block meets many standard demands for concrete formwork in civil and underground engineering due to its system, which consists of middle and edge blocks.
It is suitable as formwork for strip foundations, frost protection or as circular edge for reinforced concrete foundations.
The continuous opening in both directions, vertical and horizontal, makes it simple to include or attach reinforced elements.

Schalungsstein im Hoch- und TiefbauFoundation steps or different ground levels can be overcome by positioning the blocks accordingly.

Uneven surfaces can be leveled out by attaching shuttering boards which can be ground off at the appropriate level (e.g. as upturn beams).



The shuttering block for structural engineering

The shuttering block for structural engineeringThe shuttering block can be used wherever a simple shuttering method is needed for reinforced concrete.

With a standard wall thickness between 17, 5 cm and 36, 5 cm, rising walls can be built of shuttering blocks, reinforcement and site-mixed concrete in an elegant and easy manner.

An example is the reinforced concrete jamb wall. The jamb wall absorbs the forces from the ceiling. The jamb wall is attached to the ceiling with a reinforcement element. Several shuttering blocks are put on top of each other until the appropriate height is reached. The site-mixed concrete can be used as bond. In addition to the necessary reinforcement, it is important to fill the blocks thoroughly with concrete.

The shuttering block for structural engineeringEntire wall segments for basements can be made by shuttering blocks. Due to their simplicity, the shuttering blocks can be easily combined with a reinforced concrete wall. The continuous vertical and horizontal openings of the blocks make it possible to fix the necessary reinforcements.

Reinforced linking elements at the base and the ceiling can be easily included.
Please find details on necessary reinforcements from the structural calculations provided by the customer.


format in cm
per palette
blocks per m2
filling material
in ltrs/m2
17,5 x 49,8 x 20
20 x 49,8 x 20
24 x 49,8 x 20
30 x 49,8 x 20
36,5 x 49,8 x 20
17,5 x 49,8 x 25
24 x 49,8 x 25
30 x 49,8 x 25
36,5 x 49,8 x 25


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